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Discover Your Magic - Wolfgang Riebe

Discover Your Magic

By Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2010-07-18
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
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Now in it's 8th re-print and completely revised in 2013

If you are searching for an easy to read inspirational book that will change your life... this is it!

7 Steps to a truly fulfilling life! Practical life skills to help you achieve your dreams.

How to: Gain the competitive edge in your life & business. Become aware of everything around you. Clarify and achieve all your goals. Learn to adapt to change. Create a positive image with every one around you.Wolfgang has inspired and motivated more than a million people around the world. This is a comprehensive study on how to gain mastery over your own life, whether in the corporate, or personal field. Every aspect is clearly presented, without losing the true sense or heart of the matter. Wolfgang writes with the humility of someone who has gone deeply into the subject, and who has learnt through actual experience. An inspirational book to change your life. After traveling the world as a speaker and entertainer for over 25 years, Wolfgang WILL change the way your see life.

By using this powerful acronym, YOU will change your life forever! MOTIVATION: The power of logic in achieving success in YOUR family & Business life. AWARENESS:Background, techniques & skills which help YOU see all opportunities around you.GOALS: Real, usable & practical life skills on how to make YOUR dreams come true.IMPRESSIONS: The importance of first impressions and how YOU can always be in control. CHANGE: Learn to become open to change and apply this in YOUR ever changing life. ASSOCIATIONS: Where & how to find opportunities and nurture them for YOU. LAUGHTER: The importance of laughter in coping with YOUR everyday life.

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