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Perfectly Flawed (Flawed 1) - Nessa Morgan

Perfectly Flawed (Flawed 1)

By Nessa Morgan

  • Release Date: 2013-12-22
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4
From 24 Ratings
Price: $1.99
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I thought I was okay.

I mean, I went through my days just fine, pushing toward a goal I could easily achieve. I had friends that loved me, an aunt who adored me, and everything was just okay.

But what I thought was okay and fine, all of that changed.

The nightmares, well, they started again, throwing me into a pit I couldn't climb out of, the people at school were spreading and starting rumors faster than I could hear them myself, and I was remembering...

I was remembering everything.

Well, almost everything. Some things wouldn't come to mind, like why he did it. Why my father killed them, why he tried to kill me? It's not there. Nowhere near my memory.

But I'm determined to find out.

My name is Joey and this is my story.

Joey Archembault is the typical sixteen-year old Junior. She's an overachiever by nature, in her school orchestra, and spends most of her time either doing homework or hanging with the boy next door.

Well, typical wouldn't be the word most would use with her. Freak, psycho, that's more what's heard around the school. She can't help it - it's not her fault her father killed her mother, brother, and sister nine years ago. Oh, and he tried to kill her as well, he has the scars to prove it. Joey tries to move on as best she can. It's easy when she can't remember anything about that night or her life before.

One day, the self-proclaimed heartthrob asks her out. She knows she should tell him no, but when that doesn't work, and he tricks her into a date by serenading her - twice - things go south, she calls her best friend Zephyr to pick her up, and she once again tries to move on. But it triggers something inside her. It unlocks a vault she never knew existed within her and she can't stop the memories or the feelings, nor can she even begin to decipher what happened to her years ago. Soon, the puzzle begins to piece together and she begins to understand what really happened that night and why she's alone. Coupled that with a blooming relationship with the boy next door and it's all a recipe for destruction.

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  • Perfectly flawed

    By Smurfyro13
    I was enthralled with the storyline and characters throughout the whole book but totally gutted by the ending. I had to rework the ending in my mind to feel satisfied.
  • Interesting storyline but...

    By Zk.charlotte
    The first paragraph reminded me a lot of high school English assignments where we used as many writing techniques as possible just to please the teacher... I almost gave up on the second page of Perfectly Flawed. If you get past that, the extremely poor editing/ proof reading and the fact that the book would be about a hundred pages shorter if it weren't for the characters tucking hair behind their ears every few seconds, this is actually a decent read. I found the storyline to be engaging and constantly evolving which I enjoyed. The book was definitely hard to put down. I look forward to reading more about Joey, but hope that the next part was proofed by someone different...
  • Best Read in a Long Time

    By Liv1894
    While I did really enjoy this book I felt that it carried on a quite a while. I love the story line and thought it was really well thought out. One thing I do think needs to happen is for someone to edit this book properly as there were many typos which I found rather annoying. But overall I really enjoyed this book and would love to read more from this author.
  • Inspiring!

    By Phoemee
    This book was one of the best books I've ever read, and I've read a few, probably not as many as most because I'm only twelve but oh well. Anyways I really liked this book and I can't wait until the second book comes out, but I will probably need some more information about the second book because I looked all over for some info on it but I'm stumped. Also, one more thing, I think the editors need to up their game, there were more typos, mistakes and missing out words than there should be, and yes, I probably am a little too young to be reading a book like that, but like I implied before, I read a lot of books.
  • Wonderful

    By Ashpa12
    Such an awesome book! Didn't put it down!! Can't wait to read the next one!
  • Awesome!

    By RarangaNZ
    I enjoyed this read, look forward to the 2nd book, a beta reader for editing could be helpful.
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