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Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn and Grim 1 - Juliet Marillier

Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn and Grim 1

By Juliet Marillier

  • Release Date: 2014-10-01
  • Genre: Fantasy
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The first book in the thrilling Blackthorn and Grim series from the author of Shadowfell and the Sevenwaters series

Embittered healer Blackthorn, wrongly condemned to death, is offered a lifeline by a mysterious stranger. In return, she must set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once loved. Not only that: for seven years she must agree to help anyone who asks for her aid. She and her companion Grim settle on the fringes of a mysterious forest in Dalriada, far from the place of their incarceration, and start a new life.

Oran, the crown prince of Dalriada, is waiting for his bride-to-be, Lady Flidais. Her letters and sweet portrait have convinced him that she is his destined true love.

But letters can lie.

To save Oran from disaster, Blackthorn and Grim will need courage, ingenuity, and more than a little magic.


"A new book by Juliet Marillier is always a cause for celebration ... A dark and enthralling tale of mystery, magic and romance" Kate Forsyth

"With its roots twisting through the mythology of ancient Ireland, the beautiful prose propels the story along" Daily Telegraph

"compulsive reading" West Australian

Fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isobelle Carmody and Robin Hobb will love Juliet Marillier.

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