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Learn Ukulele Today - Brett McQueen

Learn Ukulele Today

By Brett McQueen

  • Release Date: 2014-02-04
  • Genre: Music
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You can start playing ukulele today! Even if you've never played an instrument before.

For the aspiring, brand new, beginning ukulele player, Learn Ukulele Today is a complete crash course to learn how to play ukulele, covering everything from how to tune and hold your ukulele to playing actual songs. Everything you need to start playing the ukulele and improve your skills is right at your fingertips. This interactive 44-page book, formatted specifically for the iPad, is jam-packed with the most essential parts to playing the ukulele like:

How to properly tune, hold and strum the ukulele The most essential "must-know" ukulele chords used to play thousands of songs How to strum three easy, versatile strumming patterns Four well-loved, beginner-friendly songs you can play to impress your friends and family
For your benefit, also included are playable audio demonstrations embedded right within the book allowing you to hear exactly how the ukulele is tuned and how the strumming patterns and songs should sound, as seen on the page. While being able to read sheet music is not required to follow along with this book, song notations, detailed images, illustrations and chord diagrams are included, to help you easily learn the concepts and techniques laid out in this book.

Maybe it's been your lifelong wish to play an instrument. Maybe you have kids or grandkids you wish to play music with. Maybe you're a teacher and want to use the ukulele in the classroom. Maybe you heard or watched someone play the ukulele and thought to yourself, "I can do that!" Wherever you're coming from, Learn Ukulele Today, gives you everything you need to start making actual, beautiful-sounding music on the ukulele!

Note: Learn Ukulele Today is recommended for soprano, concert or tenor ukulele players. Baritone-specific ukulele instruction not included.

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