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Ukulele Primer for Beginners - Bert Casey

Ukulele Primer for Beginners

By Bert Casey

  • Release Date: 2014-05-15
  • Genre: Music
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The Ukulele Primer Book with Video & Audio by Bert Casey is a Multi-Touch eBook designed to help the beginner learn how to play the ukulele. This course can be used with a Soprano, Concert, or Tenor ukulele. This lesson starts off with the absolute basics like parts of the uke, tuning (G, C, E, A), left and right hand position, and how to strum. After covering the basics, you will learn how to play chords and different strum patterns in the context of fifteen popular songs while singing along.

The sixty-five page book contains written instruction, music notation & tablature, chord charts, and detailed photographs.There is over 1.5 hours of video instruction for all of the techniques and songs covered in the book. The video uses split screens so you will be able to clearly see both hands and the music at all times. The book also contains complete lyrics for each song with the chord progression and audio tracks for the song played at two speeds. This is the perfect course for teaching a beginner how to play the ukulele. Entertain your friends and family by learning how to play this great instrument that is soaring in popularity.

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