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Edge of Darkness - C.J. Archer

Edge of Darkness

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2014-09-24
  • Genre: Paranormal
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Past secrets have come back to haunt the residents of Freak House and their visitors. With the help of a 300 year-old ghost, Charity, Samuel and their friends peel back the layers of lies and deception to reveal the terrible events of 1867 that changed everything. At the heart of it all is a page of spells and two missing men.

But as they draw closer to answers, Charity pushes Samuel further away. Desperate to win her love, he hovers on the brink of madness and misery. One small push might send him over the edge.  

The sensational conclusion to the Second Freak House Trilogy is full of twists, turns and heart wrenching moments that will stay with you long after you reach The End.


The 2nd Freak House Trilogy has been one of my darkest stories to date, due to Charity's background. I tried to lighten the tone in places, but it is essentially a serious series about serious issues. I hope you think I handled it appropriately, and that this, the final book in the trilogy, is a fitting ending.

The next Freak House Trilogy will feature Cara whom you may remember from the Emily Chambers Spirit Medium books. She'll be paired with a very interesting otherworldly character who has difficulty adjusting to Victorian England. It's been fun seeing how he handles himself and I hope you'll consider reading GHOST GIRL (the 1st book in the 3rd Freak House Trilogy) once you've finished EDGE OF DARKNESS.


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