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Fact or Fiction - Charles Johnson

Fact or Fiction

By Charles Johnson

  • Release Date: 2014-12-12
  • Genre: Historical
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Whether you believe that man evolved from the apes (Darwinism) or that man was created in God's own image (religion), man has questioned the whats and whys of his surroundings. Why does the sun rise and set? Why does it rain? Why do dinosaurs eat us? As time went by, man learned those answers, but there were always many more questions to be answered. From the time, we left the trees and caves to present man we have learned much about what goes on in our planet, the planets closest to us, and our solar system. Even as we continue to learn about the deepest parts of our own oceans and the deepest parts of space around us, there are still mysteries occurring around us every day that we don't know the answers to or even understand. This book brings to light some of those mysteries, explaining the history around them; discussing the opinions, beliefs, and options; and allowing you, the reader, to decide for yourself whether the story is fact or fiction.

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