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Ancient Roman Architecture - Diana Vilas & Oscar Rodriguez

Ancient Roman Architecture

By Diana Vilas & Oscar Rodriguez

  • Release Date: 2015-08-11
  • Genre: Art & Architecture
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As an iconic-literary subject matter, visual works have an indispensable place in the history of art. This work underscores the educational potential that new technologies offer us, not only to display artistic objects, but also to reproduce the historical account and promote the interactive participation of the reader through the new three-dimensional reconstructions, unique combinations of planimetry and elevation, and an entire wide-ranging set of activities to begin reading architectural language such as formal vocabulary and design of significant spaces.  

The greatest originality in Roman art can be found in its architectural revolution which, without neglecting the attractive exterior solutions, developed a genuinely spatial conception of vast interiors, thereby conceiving a spatial architecture as opposed to the plastic architecture of the Greeks. In this volume from a new generation of books about the history of art for the new digital culture media, we will address the material and tectonic foundations of the Roman architectural revolution, and we will explore the versatility that allows it to display a wide typological diversity with an effective functional conception that Romanizes the scenery of the empire as an instrument of civilization and proclaims Roman rule in the context of urban life.

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