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Cinderella Nanny - Rita Hestand

Cinderella Nanny

By Rita Hestand

  • Release Date: 2015-02-25
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Mitch Connor had a son, and heir to the Connor Industries. But he'd have never known it if Maria Montoya hadn't gotten word to Niles McFarlane, his best friend and business partner. The bad news was that Maria had died in an accident on a horse. Now Mitch had set himself out to get his son. He'd taken the necessary test to prove his fatherhood, and it truly was his son. He raced to Pecos, Texas to collect him.

But Sarah Montoya, his aunt was his guardian and she had no intention of handing over her nephew to a sexy stranger in a cowboy hat. She'd mistaken him for a plumber and invited him in. Mitch didn't waste too much time showing her the results of the praternity test. Realizing she was about to loose her nephew whom she loved dearly, she insisted the only way Mike could go with his father was if she went along as his Nanny. Taking a five year old boy alone to unfamiliar surroundings just after his mother had died was too much, Sarah insisted.

Who would have thought that the rich and handsome businessman from Plano would be interested in a modern day Cinderellal?. Sparks began to fly as Mitch got to know his son and Sarah better. It didn't take long before he realized that she would give up practically anything to be with her nephew. The love she exhibited to his son warmed his heart, while she continued to captivate him.

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