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Simple Living: The Ultimate Simple Living Guide - Jessica Cambridge

Simple Living: The Ultimate Simple Living Guide

By Jessica Cambridge

  • Release Date: 2015-05-27
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Hobbies
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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start living simply but fully, and free you from the worries of day-to-day life. This book would introduce you to the world of minimalism that aims to let you experience life at its fullest! Included in the chapters are practical tips on how to get started decluttering your life. We’ve also included a very helpful chapter about financial freedom. It deals with the common financial problems both single and married people encounter.
Do you often find yourself in the following situations or emotions?
Always juggling things and feeling stressed-out.
You often say, “I don’t’ have enough time” or “This is too much already”.
There’s clutter in your home, your office desk, even you’re thoughts are cluttered.
You feel like you want to pause and take a break from life’s demand.
If you answered yes to almost all the statements above, maybe it’s time to consider a change in lifestyle. To start living a simple life and to welcome the Minimalist’s way of life.
What is the Minimalist way of life?
The Minimalist way encourages people to let go of unnecessary things and keep only things they need or love. It gives way to prioritizing things that truly matter, which gives happiness, satisfaction and real value. It contradicts the consumerism and materialism present today.
When the world is telling you to buy more things, to “keep-up with the Joneses” and your day-to-day schedule is filled with unnecessary parties/events, minimalism directs you to go the other way. It tells you to buy or acquire only the things you need or love, and to keep it in moderation. Minimalism discourages hoarding and opens up space not only in your environment but it also clears your mind. It encourages people to prioritize things.
Stressed people are prone to hoarding and clutter. They have difficulty keeping things in order, which affects their life and relationships. In the next chapter, you’ll get to know the types of clutterer there are.
In order to live simply, the #1 step, one need to make is to declutter his/her physical environment and their mind. You need to create an environment that is physically free from clutter and would give you a sense of relaxation.
You need to know that there are two types of clutter, Physical Clutter and Memory clutter.
Physical Clutter involves things/possessions that a person owns in excess. It may be clothes, electronics, appliances that are kept but no longer used. It also involves, “I-might-need-it-one-day” things. Items a person keeps, anticipating he/she might need it in the future.
Memory Clutter includes things associated with people, events and achievements. These things are kept because of the sentimental value they have, but often they are no longer functioning well or have no use anymore.
Now, below are the types of clutterer in today’s world. Be honest as you read through this chapter.
The Sentimental – they are in-charge of keeping photos, documents and things they associate with their loved ones. Some of the items they keep, too much baby albums, hair from baby’s 1st haircut, receipt from their 1st date and so on. They associate their act of keeping souvenirs from events as a way to keep the memory alive.

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